Friday, May 31, 2013

60 kays in 30 days: A Commitment

After a few days rest following the 12km fun run on Sunday I am ready to begin training for my next 12km run in August, the 2013 Perth City to Surf.

This run is extremely hilly, at both the beginning and end of the course, so I am planning to add more hills to my training and distance to increase my stamina (since I barely made it over the line last weekend).

One way I've heard is good to keep you motivated is to commit to running a certain number of miles (or kilometres - kays in Aussie slang) in a month so you have a target goal to work towards.

As this is my first attempt at running a goal distance I've kept it simple: a distance I should be able to manage and some maths I can easily do in my head! So I came up with 60 kays in 30 days, or 2kms per day. 

Currently I train 3 days per week: speed work twice a week after work and a distance run on the weekend, so I need to fit in a minimum of 14kms over these three sessions in order to meet my goal. I'll be tracking my progress with my GPS watch so I'll let you know how this trial works out.

What methods of motivation do you use to keep yourself training in between events?

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