Monday, September 23, 2013

Why are overly chipper people so annoying?

I was a bit grumpy during the weekend; a late night coupled with a frustrating family visit left me with the rage rising on Sunday. With a smile plastered on my face I struggled through the rest of the day only to be stopped in my tracks by an overly chipper salesman at a juice bar.

He bounced up to me with a ridiculously gleeful look on his face and began to spew one inane comment after another about what a wonderful day it was (it was pouring with rain) and how he would be the happiest man on the planet to serve me a selection of juice. Sigh.

In any other mood his over-the-top service MAY have made me smile, however he was lucky I only glared at him silently (instead of leaning over the counter and squeezing his neck until his head popped off his shoulders with a comical plop sound, as I was imagining).

All afternoon I had managed to smile and nod and make my way through the generic conversations of the day without hinting to anyone how I felt underneath, but suddenly this in-your-face positivity was a hurdle I could not leap. 

So, why ARE overly chipper people so annoying? What is it about someone being SO happy that makes me want to kill them?

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