Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Bettie Bangs are in!

Well I did it. I finally found someone I trusted enough to cut my Bettie Page fringe in Perth. After what seems like months of searching I found a great salon called Identified Hair in Kensington with an amazing hairdresser who has cut Bettie Bangs before!

I knew I was in safe hands when she had another client (before me) stand up and she cut her fringe free-hand. She did the same to me. I've never had a hairdresser stand me up so she can cut my hair free-hand around me. It was liberating!

Last night after my shower I blow dried my fringe straight down (as directed) and let the rest of my hair air dry. This morning when I got ready for work all I had to do was use my new mini-straighteners to give my fringe a slight curl at the ends and a light spritz of hairspray to keep everything in place.

Here is a quick self portrait I took to show you my first Bettie Bang styling attempt - not bad even if I do say so myself. And without makeup! 

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