Friday, March 28, 2014

Shaken to the core by another's presence: what does it mean?

This morning a man came into my office and asked to use the phone. I work at front desk so was the first person to greet him and asked him a few questions in order to help him find where he was going (he was lost).

We chatted for less than 5 minutes in total and I helped him use the phone and find where he needed to be going. By the time he left I was physically shaking and had to leave front desk and take 5 minutes to calm down. What happened?

I honestly don't know. I have had previous occasions in my life when I have felt overwhelmed by other people's emotions (if someone is very sad I can feel depressed even after they have left my presence, for example) however I always assumed that was natural. This felt very unnatural.

After he left I looked up the address he was headed to and it was to a Psychiatrist's Office, which really just confirmed the strong 'vibe' I received from him. Does anyone know what happened?

I googled 'sensitivity to others energy' which just brought back thousands of pages relating to crystals, chakras and spiritual healing. Not my bag baby. How do I find out what I experienced without losing my practical scientific self? Maybe I can't and it's down to the mysteries of life (cue sitar music), but maybe the wanting to know is just grasping/clinging (from a buddhist perspective) and I should let it go.

Have you experienced anything similar?
This is how it felt


  1. Hi there, I just happened upon your blog after I was touched by the comment that you left on Nicole's blog. Strangely enough I have been reading about this kind of thing recently... have you ever heard of the HSP trait? It stands for Highly Sensitive Person... I know it sounds a bit ridiculous - "sensitive" isn't exactly an adjective with the best connotations - but reading about it shook me to the core. It was as though I was reading about myself! Google it. Seriously!!! And let me know if you relate. :)

    1. wow I certainly do, thanks for the information gypsydreamer! It's nice to know other people feel this way to, and I can even recognise similar traits in my friends. I'll look into this further and maybe even blog about it too - thanks again! xx Amanda