Thursday, November 21, 2013

Think Big and DO IT

Have you ever felt like the multiverse is trying to tell you something? This makes me understand why people believe in God: you hear/see/read something that resounds with you and then hear the same message again (and again sometimes) from different sources. 

This is happening to me right now. First I had a life-altering conversation with Norm, the owner of Sarinbuana Eco Lodge in Bali, and now one of my blogging idols Matt Frazier is telling me the same thing. So what are they saying?

Think Big and DO IT.

Lets start with Matt Frazier's blog post, "5 Easy Steps for Making your Unrealistic Goal a Reality". If you haven't read this then give it a try - especially if you have a big goal in mind.

Matt's 5 points so closely matched my own thoughts after our talk with Norm that it really felt like the universe/multiverse/God/whatever-you-believe-in was ramming its ideas home. The five points of Matt's blog are:

1. Think really big
2. Ask: Does action flow from it?
3. Give yourself time
4. Create massive accountability
5. Get to work

Norm was even more direct - points 1 and 5 summarise his attitude. I went into our conversation looking for insight into planning an eco-retreat and I came out with a fire lit under me. I was ready to change the world.

That's what was so inspiring about our conversation; Norm said, building an eco-retreat in Western Australia is fine, it's going to take you the rest of your lives and it'll be fine. But you can do MUCH more than that.

So that's the plan! To do MUCH more.

Stay tuned ...

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