Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working hard to stay healthy

A lot of people are sick right now - the usual winter cold has gone around the office and a lot of people on the train each day are coughing or sneezing. I'm not feeling too bad; I've just had a few days of those annoying symptoms: headache, stiffness, tiredness which make you feel run down.

I often do get sick when there's too much to do - it's the body's way of saying SLOW DOWN! By forcing you to bed for a few days. I'm getting better at reading the early symptoms and avoiding the crash, so am currently dosing myself up to keep the lurgy at bay.

My daily pharmaceutical routine has become: after breakfast take two lysine tablets (to keep cold sores away), a multivitamin and a vitamin C. I usually eat pretty healthy but I'm making sure I'm getting a good variety of vegetables right now (I can't eat a lot of fruit, I'm fructose intolerant).

After lunch I'm taking two ibuprofen to tone down the headache; then after work I'm going for a short run followed by electrolytes to keep up my salts, two more lysine tablets and finally a 'shot' of liquid iron supplement. This is a lot of drugs for me!

Usually I don't take supplements - unless I'm feeling run down, but I don't mind taking the maximum doses when I need them.

Do you have any 'fight the flu' routines or recipes that keep you healthy? 

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