Friday, June 28, 2013

80's Comeback Special

Tonight is our work's Christmas in July party, and the theme is '80's Prom'. I'm looking forward to it because it's been busy at work lately and we all deserve a chance to let our hair down, or in this case - out. Big hair will definitely be on the agenda tonight.

Unfortunately I'm old enough to remember the 80's, but fortunately was young enough not to be into fashion until the grungy 90's... so I looked for some inspiration pics to help me with my costume.

I'll be going for big hair (of course) with a big bow tied in it, with layered necklaces a la SJP:
with the makeup and bangles of Cyndi Lauper:
while I found a black sequinned tube dress at the Salvos which I sewed a purple tulle ra-ra skirt to which looks very similar to:
So if I get any good pics I'll upload them next week for your enjoyment :-)

One thing is for sure - it will be the ugliest party I've attended in a very long time as everyone seems to be competing to have biggest shoulder pads, sleeves and hair. Should be fun!

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