Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On? Or Laugh at Life instead.

Wow did I have a weekend. And not in a good way. The weekend just gone was THE most hectic weekend I’ve had in a LOOOONG time, and I’m completely shattered. Now it’s Monday, the start of another long, busy and over-booked week.
There were definitely highlights over the weekend: my upholstery course and seeing my friend’s band play (who were AWESOME by the way), as well as lowlights: fighting with my boyfriend and attempting to stop our dog eat something indescribably disgusting.
But that is all behind us and today I just have to focus on the now. I’m getting pulled in too many directions: work, partner, family, friends as well as the personal commitments I make and adhere to.
The Run 60 kays in 30 days commitment I made three weeks ago is one example. I had no idea at the time I made that commitment that this month would be so busy, or so long – it feels like it’s been three months, not three weeks ago I wrote that post! I’m so relieved I’m only a week away from finishing so that can be one less thing I have to think about each week.
It is difficult when surrounded by stressed out people to keep calm and carry on without reacting negatively to the stress. Of course you can use breathing exercises and mindfulness to reduce your own stress levels, but when in a group of stressed people laughter can really break the ice and reduce everybody’s stress.
I’m not the kind of person who can whip out a hilarious joke on cue but I can relay a funny story that made me laugh. And since laughter is infectious that might encourage other people to share their funny stories too.
Here's a link to a TED talk that made me laugh out loud yesterday, 'The shared experience of absurdity'.
Why don’t you share your stress-busting stories too?

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