Thursday, June 20, 2013

In the mood for mood boards

I love mood boards. I love flicking through pages of inspiring images and picking out ones with colour schemes or fab pieces of furniture that I covet. Since Mike and I are planning to build our own house in a decade or so I’m already compiling images on Pinterest and that inspire me, but I’m wondering how to make these images useful.
Is anyone a mood board guru? How do you take the hundreds of pictures you collect and turn them into something practical: a piece of furniture or a colour scheme? Perhaps there is a better way to organise the pictures than I'm aware of?
Of course I started with one board and as the number of images has grown I’m slowly splitting these down into indoors/outdoors etc. but how far should this go? And then do you cross-post if you like an armchair AND the wallpaper in one pic? Argh?!
I feel like I could spend hours each week compiling mood boards for the next decade and NEVER get anything useful out of them. In which case, it may be fun for now but it’s not a very good investment of my time!


  1. Hi Amanda,

    You might check into olio board or polyvore. They're great for creating mood boards. I'm pretty sure that if you clip something to a board on those sites it will save the link as well. Have fun! ~ Angie

    1. Excellent, thanks Angie! I'll check both of those out. Amanda