Friday, June 14, 2013

Cruelty Free Shopping

I’m going grey. I have been for a few years now so it’s no great shock, but I do dye my hair as I’m not quite ready to be as grey as my hair is. I went to the store to find some hair dye but all the brands available do testing on animals. I even tried the chemist which had a larger selection of brands, but the result was the same.
Why is it so hard to purchase from a company that doesn’t torture animals? The labels of ALL hair dyes say you need to do a test on yourself before use to make sure your not allergic, so why burn the eyes of bunnies before selling the product? It seems like such an archaic process to test cosmetics and other products on animals; there is no correlation between reactions in animals and reactions in humans anyway?! Scientifically it doesn’t even make sense.

Personally I won’t give money to a company who does animal testing because:
a) keeping animals in laboratories is cruel
b) testing products on animals hurts, harms and kills millions of animals year-round
c) if you hurt your pet it’s assault, if you hurt thousands it’s science
Something is seriously wrong with this picture! How can we hate the idea of someone kicking their dog but be OK with thousands of dogs being tortured to make sure our hair dye is OK?
If you want to find out which brands test on animals then there is a list of websites given below, but you can do a web search for “cruelty free” and the item you want to buy and this will usually bring you the information immediately.
Please comment below and add brands you love, or hate depending on their animal testing credentials.
Brands that DO test on animals given here: 

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