Monday, June 17, 2013

Upholstery 101

Over the weekend I attended the first of four Saturday afternoon upholstery courses organised by Perth Wood School and it was so much fun! The tutor Randa was so passionate about soft furnishings and her excitement was catching. Luckily the course also involved enough physical work to keep us warm since it was a very cold day in the workshop.
Perth Wood School supplied the benches (like a long ottoman) that we are learning to upholster. I’m taking detailed notes to help me remember all the steps; I’ve done enough courses to know that if you don’t repeat the steps you learnt very quickly after leaving, you forget and lose confidence quickly.
Since I have a large chair base at home (that I found on a verge) which needs to be fully reupholstered, I should be using the skills I learn within a month of leaving. But in case I don’t remember all the steps I’m writing everything down and taking pictures as I go.
Randa is teaching us to upholster with minimal waste and using natural materials (as much as possible), which is exactly my style so I’m thrilled to have a like-minded teacher. I’m already looking forward to our next class on Saturday, and in the mean time I’m window shopping for fabrics.
I’m so excited I’ve even started a new Pinterest board for inspiration. I’ve been dreaming of having some Emily Ziz wallpaper in my new house one day but maybe this is an opportunity to use one her patterns in a fabric instead?
Here are some of my Emily Ziz favourites

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