Monday, July 15, 2013

Best weekend To-Do List review result

Last week I copied a handful of my weekend to-do list tasks over from Astrid to three new to-do list apps: Google to-do list, Asana and ToDoist to see which worked best for me. 

In fairness I wasn't able to setup reminders for ToDoist without a premium account, which I would have considered paying for if no other apps gave me the same functionality for free, but they do. So I won't.

Google's to-do list is just too simple and boring for me - you can set dates that tasks are due on, but no time of day and no reminders. I guess Google expect you to put your tasks into your calendar for this kind of functionality, but I like to have calendar appointments and tasks as two separate lists with dates, times and reminders for both.

That leaves Asana to do lists; I was able to easily synch my Asana to-do list with my Google calendar so all my reminders went off successfully. It seems to be an app for team to-do lists rather than for one person but it is relatively user friendly, although I named my team 'Freedom Tasks' without realising the program would add the word Tasks to the header, so now my page is titled "Freedom Tasks Tasks" and I can't find any way to edit this.

As well as having multiple reminders going off from different apps, Mike was also synching our iCal to Google calendar so we had an entertaining few hours on Sunday where every thing in the house seemed to bleep as all our usual and extra reminders went off every 15 minutes or so.

Although Asana won the best-of-three to-do list test this weekend I'm not 100% convinced it's the new app for me. Astrid is still better - she tweets like a bird when I have something to do, gives me cheeky encouragement to get off my buttocks and do the task as well as congratulations (and a feeling of fulfillment) when I check that box to show it's completed.

Wow I just realised I enjoy a LOT of encouragement to accomplish my tasks! Well that gives me a sense of direction to look in before I review any more task lists. I don't know when Astrid is going to stop working so I can't leave it too long...

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