Friday, July 12, 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse

I was watching Tosh.0 last night and they had an interview with the 'I shot myself guy' (it was accidental - he shot himself in the leg). He was explaining why he thought everyone should be proficient with guns and is pro women learning to shoot because, and I quote, "When the zombie apocalypse comes I'd like some women to survive." (I may not have his quote exactly correct, but it's close).

Of course this was the punchline, everyone in the audience laughed and I thought, even though I may be the only person throwing my hands up in agreement, at least I'm not the only one out there who believes it. Yes, I said it, I think there WILL be a zombie apocalypse in the future - hopefully just not in my lifetime.

At the moment I'm playing The Last of Us on ps3 which (if you're not acquainted with the game) is essentially a zombie scenario even though the 'infected' have a disease instead of being the living dead. The result is the same: society as we know it has shut down and groups of survivors fight ex-human creatures who try to eat you. (A zombie by another other name would smell as sweet?)

So I admit to being loose with the definition of a zombie apocalypse - even if they aren't zombies then I'm sure the human race will somehow manage to unleash some devastating disease on ourselves that will wipe out the majority of the population within weeks; possibly leaving deadly human-types still roaming around ready to infect the rest of us.

Does that make me crazy? Well, maybe, but I'm OK with that.

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