Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The running in winter blues

I have a friend who loves running in winter - he says it's better because it's not so hot outside when you run, well duh! It may be nice and cool in winter but it's also dark, wet, windy and a lot scarier as a lone woman running (in the dark).

Today I'm due to go for a short run after work but I'm looking out the window at black clouds and a setting sun and I won't be home for over an hour yet. It's definitely harder for me to keep up my motivation in winter and I'm contemplating hiring a treadmill for next winter so I can run at home and keep warm, dry and safe while training.

I'd like to hear how other people keep up their motivation during winter or what they use to feel safer in the dark (reflective clothing? flashing lights? pepper spray?)

Let me know your thoughts...

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