Thursday, July 11, 2013

New To Do list too

Talk about timing! After blogging yesterday about looking for a new e-calendar similar to Astrid, I received an update from Astrid that outlined the fact they are shutting down the app!

Soon I will be looking for a new to-do list app as well. There is certainly plenty of them out there to choose from, but I live off my daily reminders; I don't trust myself to remember what day it is without a reminder - so I'm looking for a good one.

Astrid is good because it uses humour to encourage you to tick off the items on your list as well as allowing you to have separate lists for different topics, using reminders, allowing for priorities etc. I'll be looking for an all-round replacement that can offer all this (and more?)

Since the only feedback I received from yesterday's post was to give Google Calendar another try, I am currently in the process of moving over some of my appointments and to-do's for a trial run of the app over the weekend. It's good to see they have a to-do list attached to the calendar, but once again, it just looks very plain and boring with no extra functionality. 

Does anyone remember when Google was hip? Do they only programme bare-bones apps with no design, extra functionality or creativity? Yikes, using their software is a yawn-fest. 

Anyway I'll see how the trial goes and search for and test out some more to-do apps as well, so I can offer a comparison for some of the android-to-mac options out there.

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  1. I am a Todoist premium user it allows me to synchronize tasks with Google calendar and it measures your karma based on your productivity ;) cool design and totally cross device app. I was in love with Astrid as well.