Monday, July 8, 2013

Unofficial Me Day

I did something yesterday I haven't done in about 20 years: I stayed in bed ALL day.

It had been a busy weekend again with one thing after another from Friday night through to Saturday night, so when Mike offered to take the dogs out for me Sunday morning, I stayed in bed.

The several pints of cider I had enjoyed Saturday night definitely encouraged me to remain horizontal on Sunday, as did the warm doona, soft pillows and internet access.

That is how I managed to remain in bed all day as well as watch the football, F1 German Grand Prix AND Wimbledon Men's Final. What a day for sport!

You see it's been a few months since I've booked in a 'Me' Day; this is a day when I do what I want. I don't book in social visits (unless I really want to) and I let Mike know that I'll be looking after myself for the day (i.e. being a bit selfish).

Usually on my Me days I go Op-shopping to look for second hand bargains (one of my favourite past-times), I might go and get a massage or somehow treat myself (usually not in an expensive way) like taking two hours to sit with a good book and a glass of wine. I truly believe we each need to give ourselves this time every now and again to actively be good to ourselves. Be selfish for a day.

If you are always looking out for everyone else it is easy to start feeling and then acting the martyr, "I don't get a day off for me" is a very common complaint by mothers. But with a little bit of organisation you can get help to give yourself a few hours of whatever you need: quiet, pampering, rest. You'll be a better person to those around you IF you look after yourself too.

So if you're feeling run down, think about your perfect day off and make it happen. Don't fill it with jobs to do, imagine how you would spend one day if all the jobs were done (they'll be there tomorrow anyway).


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