Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Run 60 kays in 30 days: Result

Sunday I ran 4 kilometres in order to complete my commitment of 60 kays in 30 days. I am very happy to have fulfilled this goal, as well as happy that it is over! For the last couple of weeks I haven’t been doing any interval training so the kilometers have all been run (rather than run/walked), so I’m extra proud of myself for going the distance.
There is just under 8 weeks to go until the Perth City to Surf 12km fun run so I’m going to relax my training schedule for the next 3 weeks, leaving myself another month to ramp the training back up again. My intention is to still run 2-3 times a week over the next month, but just to do it for the fun of it, rather than with a timing or distance goal in mind.
That will leave me 3 Sundays before the race to trial different breakfasts before long runs, to test which pre-race meal works best for me. Usually I eat a super-smoothie (rice milk, banana or two, LSA meal, raspberries, aktavite and an egg) two hours before race start but I’d like to get more food in me as I start to feel really tired about two-thirds through a 12km distance.
I’m contemplating changing the raw egg for a poached egg on toast with an avocado on the side, then the smoothie as well. I still think I’d like to have finished eating it all a minimum of two hours before race start in order to have digested it all enough. Previously I’ve tested to see how late I can eat a banana before going for a long run and have discovered that I tend to get a stitch if I eat within two hours of running.
Since I bolted out the gate at my last 12km event, I’m keen to keep race nerves to a minimum by practicing Sunday mornings as if it were race-day for a few weeks leading up to the big event. Even the routine of laying out my clothes the night before will help train myself into good habits so nothing important is forgotten on the day.
What pre-race routines do you use when preparing for an event?

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