Friday, August 9, 2013

Downed by the flu

I've been 'offline' for a few days, both literally and metaphorically as I've been laid up by the flu for three days straight. Now I'm back in the land of the living I'll have to slowly get back on track with my #restyle2013 pics since I'm quickly falling behind...

The 4th of August called for 'mixed prints' which is a look I love although it can be tricky to pull off (unless you wear everything with confidence - then clash away!) Once again I already had a dress in the cupboard that was op-shopped years ago that I specifically bought because it had two mixed prints in the one dress.

The sea-green colour is gorgeous and the overlay is slightly see-through (as you can see at the knees).

Sorry I don't remember where I bought it from or how much I paid (for either item shown); the second item described is for the 5th of August the theme of which was 'sequins'. 

I've already shown you my completely over-the-top sequinned butterfly top so here is a much more sedate sequinned top: this black t-shirt uses chain-links to give a sequin-effect and is comfortable as well as easily dressed up or down.

Layering it under a cute jacket with tight jeans and heels lifts this shirt beyond the ordinary tee.

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