Friday, August 16, 2013


Today's post will cover August 10th, 11th and 12th of the #restyle2013 Photo a Day Op-Shop Challenge. If the challenge was to take a photo every day I've already failed(!) however I'll continue uploading my photos as I get organised enough to take them (cue first self-portrait taken in a rush last night!)

August 10th was for blazers: I so rarely wear a blazer that I had to dig deep into my spare wardrobe to find this ol' chestnut. Considering it has been over a year since I last wore it, the blazer has gone straight to the top of my 'outfit to donate back' pile; as usual I bought it too long ago to remember which op-shop I bought it from or how much I paid for it.

August 11th was for colour blocking which is another look I don't do a lot of. I've realised through this challenge that I am addicted to pattern and print, whether it's a wild polka dot or a subtle paisley, I'll always choose a patterned piece over a plain one. This DOES make for difficult mix and matching so I sometimes have to go op-shopping for 'single colour tops' or neutrals that will increase the amount of times I can wear my patterned pieces.

The photo on the left is my attempted self-portrait and shows me wearing an op-shopped skirt with a blouse from basque. Originally this skirt had a drawstring tie at the waist but since I like to wear close fitting tops I didn't like the belly bulges it gave me. I removed the drawstring and slipped a line of elastic through the waist band instead; then hand-stitched the elastic together and the slits closed. With a top worn out instead of tucked-in the hand-stitching is invisible.

Lastly I've already shown you my floral dress which I customised to make the bodice fit better and this dress represents August 12th: florals. This time last year I can honestly say I did not own ANY floral dresses (and hardly any floral patterned pieces at all). To me, floral equalled grandma, and yet, I had an awakening, a realisation that floral could be so much more.

Where? Why? At last year's Restyle on the Runway show! I LOVE vintage fashion and what I saw was a myriad of floral dresses, worn with heels and cute little cardigans and I fell in love. THIS is what had been missing from my wardrobe! So out I went with abandon to find all the cute floral dresses I could.

And now, one year on, I've embraced a new pattern and learned more about myself on the way.
Thanks Restyle! x

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