Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A new project!

Over the weekend Mike and I pulled the HUGE chair out of our garage that we liberated from a front verge a few years ago. We've been keeping the chair for years because the style is so beautiful and unusual, we knew it would make a spectacular piece of furniture, once restored.

I only realised what a big project this will be after completing my upholstery course recently and looking at the chair again over the weekend. Here is one 'before' picture although it doesn't show the split in the wood on one arm that will need to be repaired ASAP. 

It took me nearly an hour just to pull out the staples holding the row of velvet shown on the top back rung - I wonder how many months the project will take in total?! I'll keep you updated as I go.

Since I'm still catching up on my #restyle2013 posts here are my pics for 8th and 9th August: a scarf and bag. I have bought MANY scarves and even more bags from op-shops over the years but here are two that I use very regularly. 
The scarf is a fab 70s print and is made from polyester; the bag is a Fiorelli purse that reminds me of a miniature bowling bag. I've owned both items for too long to remember how much I paid for them but I can guarantee it was well under $10 for each.

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