Friday, August 2, 2013

#Restyle2013 Op-Shop Challenge Day 2

The Op-Shop theme for 2nd of August is polka-dots. I LOVE polka dots and have a myriad of clothes featuring them including a pair of spotty trousers which make me so happy I have to sing a 'spotty trousers' song when I wear them.

For this challenge I wore one of my favourite ever op-shopped items of clothing: a swallow and polka dot print dress. The dress originally came with a matching fabric belt but I never wore it so eventually cut it up to make a headband (of sorts). Here is me in the dress and a close up of the pattern; the dress has a ruffle detail down the centre front and a soft fabric collar.

This is another item I've had in my wardrobe so long, I'm not sure where I bought it from or how much it cost me. The print is just SO much my personality, if I'm wearing it casually I'll go out dressed as shown here but I have also 'dressed up' this dress with some high heels, flash jewellery and a black belt.

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