Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I've been stumped over the theme for #restyle2013 13th August: 'Tying the knot' for a while now. It's easy to walk into an op-shop anywhere and find an old wedding dress, some nice and some not. Either way, I won't be buying one, or anything vaguely bridesmaidsy either.

Having contemplated buying ANYTHING with a knot (macrame anyone?) today I walked into the Salvos store on Barrack Street in Perth City and what do I find? A beautiful bridal display, so I surreptitiously took some photos to show the kind of fab items you can find when walking in just about any op-shop around.

Tying the knot
Just about all accessories on open display are under $5

Leather and other belts

These are only the black shoes - there were racks and racks of shoes!
So although it can be overwhelming when walking into a large op-shop it's best to break down the store into sections... and sections into racks, so you can peruse the items in a relaxed manner. Go! Shop! Enjoy!

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